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1st SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum

07 September, 2011

This 1st SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum, entitled "SEAS-ERA & JPI Oceans: commonalities and synergies" will provide an opportunity to participants to:

  • Be apprised of theSEAS-ERAproject and of the JPI "Healthy and ProductiveSeasand Oceans", their workplans and progress;
  • Articulate how the JPI andSEAS-ERA(and possibly other marine and environmentalERA-NETs) could concretely benefit from, contribute to, and where appropriate, align the activities of one another;
  • Reflect on the structuration of the "funding" component of the future Marine and Maritime Science Partnership (as developed within the FP7 MARCOM+ project).


The SEAS-ERA Forum is mostly targeted towards the "European Marine Research Funding Community" - i.e. representatives of:

  • national Research Funding Organisations involvedSEAS-ERA;
  • the Member and Associated States involved or interested in the Joint Programme Initiative "Healthy and ProductiveSeasand Oceans";
  • national Research Funding Organisations involved in other marine or environmental FP7ERA-NETs (running or future).


The expected outputs of this 1st SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum:

  • Indicative roadmap to link plannedSEAS-ERAactivities with future JPI activities (and possibly with other marine and environmentalERA-NETs). In order to ease the round table discussion and development of such roadmap, theSEAS-ERAcoordinator will be invited to highlight three key activities which could contribute to, benefit from, the JPI developments, and respectively for the JPI Secretariat;
  • Joint discussion of the "European Marine Research Funding Community" on the proposal(s) for a Marine and Maritime Science Partnership as developed by the MARCOM+ project. See: "Towards an Integrated Marine and Maritime Science Community" (MARCOM+);
  • Informed participation at the 2nd MARCOM+ Open Forum (08/09/11 at the Hotel Marivaux in Brussels). This related event provides an opportunity to discuss and debate proposal(s) on the structure of a future European Marine and Maritime Science Partnership, together with the wider marine and maritime research community, as well as representative of the industry sector and policy and decision makers.


Registration is open until 15 July 2011. To register please contact the Marine Board


For more information please visit the event webpage here 


Organiser: Marine Board-ESF in the scope of the SEAS-ERA FP7 project

Venue: COST Office, Brussels, Belgium