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CIRCLE-2 Annual Progress Meeting - Report and Presentations now available for download!

CIRCLE-2 organised its first Annual Progress Meeting on the 21-22 of June 2011 in Bologna, Italy.
During this meeting, CIRCLE-2 presented an overview of the activities carried out during its first year. It was also showcased some of the elements of the complex European Climate Adaptation research and policy landscape that “surrounds” the network. Now both the report and the presentations are available for download.

Please, feel free to download the FULL REPORT

See also the presentations:

DAY 1 - Tuesday, 21st June 2011

Session 1 - CIRCLE-2: Progress and planning

Moderation: Filipe Duarte Santos (CIRCLE-2 Coordination)

  • Opening and welcome words (Antonio Navarra, CMCC) 
  • CIRCLE-2 strategy and first year overview (Work package LEAD - Coordinationdownload
  • Work package DESIGN activities and outlook (Work package DESIGN leadersdownload
  • Work package FUND activities and outlook (Work package FUND leadersdownload
  • Work package SHARE activities and outlook (Work package SHARE leadersdownload


Session 2 - European Climate Adaptation Research Context

Moderation: David Dodd (CIRCLE-2 / EPA-I)

  • Research gaps in Adaptation (Suraje Dessai, U Exeter) download
  • CIRCE FP6 Project (Antonio Navarra, CMCC) download
  • EQUIP Project (William Ingram, U Oxford) download


Session 3 - European Climate Adaptation Policy context

Moderation: Sergio Castellari (CIRCLE-2 / CMCC) download

  • EC DG CLIMA (Matteo Rini, Adaptation to Climate Change Unit) download
  • CIRCLE-2 Advisory Board and UKCIP (Roger Street, UKCIP) download
  • DeltaNet INTERREG IVC Project (Carles Ibàñez, IRTA) download

Session 4 - European Climate related initiatives

Moderation: Rob Schoonman (CIRCLE-2 Advisory Board)

  • JPI FACCE (Heather McKhann, INRA) download
  • JPI CLIMATE (Kirsten Hollaender, PT-DLR) download
  • ETC-CCA: European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation (Sergio Castellari, CMCC) download


Session 5 - European Climate Adaptation science-policy landscape

  • Discussion moderated by Carin Nilsson (SMHI) download


DAY 2 - Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

Session 6 - CIRCLE-2 on-going activities

Moderation: Daniel Martin (CIRCLE-2 / MEDDTL)

  • Summary of first year activities and introduction to parallel session's objectives (Coordinationdownload
  • Introduction to Climate Adaptation Research Agenda (CARA) on-going topics (Work package DESIGN leadersdownload


Session 7 - Parallel sessions on CIRCLE-2 on-going activities


Session 8 - CIRCLE-2 potential areas of collaboration for 2011/12

Moderation: Martin König (CIRCLE-2 / EAA) download

  • CARA and potential topics for cooperation (Work package DESIGN leadersdownload


Session 9 - Parallel sessions on potential areas of collaboration for 2011/12


Session 10 - CIRCLE-2 Agenda and next steps

Moderation: Tiago Capela Lourenço (CIRCLE-2 Coordination/ FFCUL)

  • Conclusions and CIRCLE-2 draft action plan for 2011/2012 (Coordination)