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John Tyndall Conference 2011

28 - 30 September 2011

John Tyndall's work is at the heart of current concerns about global warming and associated climatic and environmental changes. The Tyndall Conference 2011 will celebrate John Tyndall as a pioneer in climate science. The conference will also explore a number of contemporary issues in the science of the greenhouse effect and global change. It will adopt as a special theme the climatic influences of different radiatively active substances in the atmosphere. This will include approaches to the aggregation of the effects of GHG emissions in terms of their global warming potentials, as well as other metrics for long-lived and short-lived greenhouse gases and metrics for aerosols. It will also the explore the current science of climate feedbacks, which determine the climate system's equilibrium response to given forcings.

The conference is intended to highlight the continuing relevance of Tyndall's work and advance the science internationally in the areas of common metrics for radiatively-active substances and the associated feedbacks.

Venue: Dublin, Ireland