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CIRCLE-2 MEDiterranean

CIRCLE-2 MED is the oldest standing CIRCLE research funding sub-network. Dedicated to common research interests and needs in the Mediterranean basin, it was responsible for the launch of the first CIRCLE joint call for research proposals back in 2007.

The call focused on "Integrated Coastal Zones and Water Management" and received a very positive reaction by the climate change research community in several Mediterranean countries. It also represented a very particular step forward in terms of management of transnational joint ERA-Net calls by granting funds to non-European countries around the Mediterranean basin.

Since 2009 CIRCLE-2 MED has a dedicated webpage directed at the research community funded under this network and at all those interested in climate change research and policy in the Mediterranean. CIRCLE-2 MED is currently supported by research funding organisations from France, Galicia (Spain), Italy, Israel and Portugal.

Visit the CIRCLE-2 MED website for more information.


CIRCLE-2 MED partnership: FFCUL; FCT; CMCC; MEDDTL (leader); IME; IMELS and XUNTA    


July 2007: CIRCLE-2 MED launches its first joint call for research proposals.

November 2008: Kick-off seminar of CIRCLE-2 MED funded research projects in Rome, Italy.

March 2009: The CIRCLE-2 MED dedicated webpage officially launched.

November 2009: Mid-term seminar of CIRCLE-2 MED funded research projects in Lisbon, Portugal.

March 2011: CIRCLE-2 MED call final conference is held in Aix en Provence, France.

March 2013: CIRCLE-MED2-2013 launches its second joint call for research proposals. 

December 2013: CIRCLE-MED2 projects kick-off


Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector

Plan Bleu - Regional Activity Centre

Union for the Mediterranean

Centre Int. de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes

ACCMA project

CIRCE project


PEGASO project

VULCAIN project