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CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain Kick-Off - Presentations now available

The CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain Kick-Off Meeting was held successfully in Chambery, France. The four funded projects, ARNICA; EURAS-CLIMPACT; ChangingRISKS and CAMELEON were presented to a broader mountain area research community related to climate change.

Additional the second day of the Meeting was extensively used to present the state-of-art in MOUNTain research and to generate research needs for the upcoming years.

Especially financial resources are needed to ensure long term monitoring and follow-up knowledge and generated tools in various projects that has been developed and disappear when funding ends. Also the methods for downscaling need to be improved in mountainous areas and the need to understand decisions under uncertainty was raised.

Kick-Off Agenda and Presentations

2 of February, 2011 - Day 1


Chair: Markus Leitner


  • Welcome Addresses


Luc FRAPPAT - vice-president for research (Université de Savoie, France)

Alain COLSON - Association pour le développement de l'Institut de la Montagne


 Markus Leitner (Environment Agency Austria)


  • ARNICA - Assessment of Risks on transportation Networks resulting from slope Instability and Climate change in the Alps - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

 Marie CHENET (Paris 1 University, France)


  • EURAS-CLIMPACT- Impact of climate change and related glacier hazards and mitigation strategies in the European Alps, Swedish Lapland and the Tien Shan Mountains, Central Asia - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

 Hermann HAEUSLER (Dept. of Environ. Geosciences, University of Vienna, Austria)



Chair: Markus Leitner


  •  ChangingRISKS - Changing pattern of landslide risks as response to global changes in mountain areas - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Alexandre REMAITRE (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)


  • CAMELEON - CArbon dynamics in Mountain Ecosystems: analyzing Landscape-scale Effects Of aNthropogenic changes (climate and land-use) - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Nicolas VIOVY (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, France)


  • Discussion on Project linkages and -synergies



3 of February, 2011 - Day 2


Chair: Daniela Hohenwallner


Daniela Hohenwallner (Université de Savoie, France)


  • Current ongoing research and identified research needs on the transnational scale


Item 1: Overview on ongoing mountain research needs in CCIVA in Europe - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Martin Price (Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College Univ. of the Highlands & Islands, UK) and Gregory Greenwood (Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Switzerland/USA)

Item 2: UNESCO and Mountain research needs in Europe and beyond - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Thomas Schaaf (Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences (SC/ECO), UNESCO)


Dr. Ingeborg AUER (MET-Office, Austria)

Item 4: Alpine Convention - Climate Activities and environmental observation - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Regula IMHOF (Vice-Secretary General of the he Alpine Convention)

Item 5: Alpine Space Programme - DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Anuška ŠTOKA (Alpine space Programme, Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS))

Item 6: Current status FP7

Wolfram SCHRIMPF (DG Research)



Chair: Thomas Scheurer


  • Panel Discussion on current research and identified gaps based on previous presentations

Chair and Panel: Martin Price (Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College UHI), Gregory Greenwood (Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Switzerland/USA), Thomas Schaaf (Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences (SC/ECO), UNESCO), Dr. Ingeborg AUER (MET-Office, Austria), Regula IMHOF (Vice-Secretary General of the he Alpine Convention), Anuška Štoka (Alpine space Programme, Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS)), Wolfram SCHRIMPF (DG Research)

This panel discussion will aim at adjusting and aligning, if these two fields, namely research and research funding do meet and how they are currently linked and can be improved in the future. Future key research needs and policy support will be identified.



Chair: Markus Leitner


Three Discussion Sessions

Session 1: Research needs on the European scale

Chair: Martin Price (Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College Univ. of the Highlands & Islands, UK)

Session 2: Research opportunities on the transnational scale

Chair: Marc Zebisch (EURAC - Institute for Applied Remote Sensing)

Session 3: Scientific results and decision maker needs - Science Policy/Society interface

Chair: Stéphane Isoard (European Environment Agency, Copenhagen)



Chair: Markus Leitner


  • Report back from the Groups

Chair/Rapporteur of the Groups


  • Wrap up, ongoing events and Future collaboration

Markus Leitner and Daniela Hohenwallner