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[CIRCLE -2] MOUNTain Kick-Off Meeting

2-3 February 2011

The meeting‘s main objective is to present the four research projects funded within the frame of the CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain Sub-Network.

Furthermore, the participants are expected to discuss current research needs allowing them to identify opportunities for transnational joint research and knowledge sharing initiatives of relevance to climate adaptation in Mountainous regions.

The outcomes of this meeting will support the development of climate adaptation policies for Mountain areas and their associated systems.

Attendance is by invitation only. 

For more information please contact Mr. Markus Leitner (markus.leitner[at]


Organisers: Environment Agency Austria (EAA) and Université de Savoie

Venue: Institut de la Montagne Pôle Montagne Campus scientifique de Savoie Technolac. - Chambery, France

AnnouncementCIRCLE-2 MOUNTain Kick-Off Meeting

Agenda: CIRCLE-2 MOUNTtain KickOff Agenda

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Internal Agenda (morning 2.2.2011): CIRCLE-2 MOUNTain Internal KickOff Agenda

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