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2nd Call - CIRCLE-2 NORdic

Between 19 October and 10 December 2007

The aim of this CIRCLE-2 NORDic call was to enhance Nordic research cooperation in the areas specified below.

The main objective of this call was to increase knowledge of options, premises and barriers for climate change adaptation, including the relationship between adaptation and mitigation.

The theme for project proposals was research on consequences of climate change for policy making in important sectors in the Nordic countries, e.g.,

  • What are the synergies and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation to climate change in policy making?
  • How do the Nordic countries compare and differ with respect to adaptation needs and implementation ability?

The funding organisations of the call were: the Academy of Finland, the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The call will had a total maximum budget of 400 000 EURO, with a maximum of 100 000 - 200 000 EURO from each funding organisation.



The following three projects have been selected for funding:


Climate change: A Regional Assessment of Vulnerability and Adaptive capacity for the Nordic countries

Lead: Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)




Climate Change adaptation in Norway, Sweden and Finland - Do research, policy and practice meet?

Lead: Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)




Climate change, community response and multilevel governance

Lead: Stockholm Environment institute (Sweden)