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1st Call - CIRCLE-2 MEDiterranean

Between 11 July and 12 October 2007

This 1st CIRCLE pilot joint call within the ERA-Net CIRCLE was launched, in order to establish transnational collaborative research projects on Climate Change Impact in a specific area, the MEDITERRANEAN (CIRCLE-2 MEDiterranean) region focusing on "Integrated Coastal Zones and Water Management".

A prerequisite of the MEDiterranean Call was that research proposals had to include researchers from the funding  countries, but also had to include one associate research institution belonging to other countries sharing Mediterranean coastline. The five CIRCLE-2 MEDiterranean partners agreed to pay not only for their own national researchers, but also for researchers of non EU countries. Funding pledges initially summed up to 2.15 Million EURO.

Sixteen proposals were received, representing a request of 3.46 Million EURO. Institutions applied from many countries including Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Turkey and Morocco.

Finally eight projects were selected for a total budget of 1.65 Million EURO. These projects involve research bodies from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, and Albania. All funded projects are monitored and assessed over the course of their duration.

Three meetings were scheduled:

  • The kick-off meeting took place in Rome in November 2008, to introduce all projects and researchers, and build a community dedicated to the call topic
  • The mid-term meeting was hosted in Portugal in November 2009, to review the mid-term report submitted by the research teams
  • A final meeting to be held in 21-23 March of 2011, where research teams will present the results of their research

The following eight projects have been selected for funding:


The integrated impacts of marine acidification, temperature and precipitation changes on bivalve coastal biodiversity and fisheries: how to adapt?

Lead: CCMAR (Portugal)

Project Factshet


Participatory design of adaptive groundwater management strategies and instruments in Mediterranean coastal water scarce areas as a response to climate change

Lead: CIRAD (France)

Project Factshet


Climate and local ANthropogenic drivers and impacts for the TunisIan COastal area

Lead: Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per I Cambiamenti Climatici (Italy)

Project Factshet


Assessing and managing the impact of climate change on coastal groundwater resources and dependent ecosystems

Lead: CVRM (Portugal)

Project Factshet


The Impact of climate change on Mediterranean intertidal communities: Losses in coastal ecosystem integrity and services

Lead: University of Palermo (Italy)


Project Factshet

Transitional Water Systems (MEDCODYN)

Climate change impacts in transitional water systems in the Mediterranean

Lead: Università di Sienna (Italy)

Project Factshet


Climate change influence on biodiversity, goods and services of Mediterranean lagoons

Lead: Université Montpellier (France)

Project Factshet

Integrated Water Management in Coastal Drainage Basins (WaterKnow)

Integrated Water Management in Coastal Drainage Basins: challanges and

adaptation strategies within the framework of climate change

Lead: CIRSA (Italy)


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