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In terms of history, nature, culture and economy, there are many strong ties in the Nordic region also reflected in the existing forms of research collaboration. In 2007, CIRCLE-2 NOR launched the second CIRCLE joint call entitled "Consequences of climate change for policy making in the Nordic countries".

By requiring the mandatory participation of research teams from all the 3 funding countries (Finland, Norway and Sweden) in each proposal, this call represented a particular approach to the Nordic cooperation on climate change research.

Questions such as "what are the synergies and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation to climate change in policy making" and "how do the Nordic countries compare and differ with respect to adaptation needs and implementation ability" where set as a theme due to their relevance for policy making, in important sectors of the Nordic countries.

Countries in this region share a common range of geographic and climatic conditions that include the Scandinavian fells between Norway and Sweden extending to northern Finland, the Baltic Sea coupled with narrow and shallow straits to the North Sea and the lake and large river systems of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Nevertheless, when it comes to climate adaptation strategies and research efforts, Nordic countries have different strengths and approaches. Besides funding of joint calls, also the exchange of best practices, success stories and the compilation of ongoing research is considered as an important step towards cooperation in the CIRCLE-2 NOR network for which CIRCLE-2 provides the framework and support.

CIRCLE-2 NOR is committed to carry on assessing the needs related to climate change and adaptation research in Nordic countries' and aims to promote and enhance Nordic research cooperation in these scientific and policy areas. CIRCLE-2 NOR is currently supported by research funding organisations from Finland, Norway and Sweden.


CIRCLE-2 NOR partnership: AKA; RCN and SEPA (leader) 


December 2006: Workshop "Climate Change Adaptation in Nordic Countries" in Oslo, Norway

October 2007: CIRCLE-2 NOR launches its first joint call for research proposals.

September 2009: Results of CIRCLE-2 NOR projects presented at CIRCLE final conference in Vienna, Austria

November 2010: Workshop "Climate Adaptation in the Nordic Countries" in Stockholm, Sweden


Top-level Research Initiative   

NordForsk (Nordic Research Board) 

ISTO Research Programme

NORDERA network

BONUS network

PLAN project