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AB - Advisory Board

ADAM project - ADaptation And Mitigation strategies 

AdaptAlp - Adaptation to Climate Change in Alpine Spaces 

Article 169 - of the EC Treaty allows the participation of the Community in the RTD programmes undertaken by several Member States (apart from any Community framework), including the participation in the structures created for the execution of those programmes

In practical terms, Article 169 of the Treaty foresees the participation of the Community in the joint implementation of national programmes. Therefore the Community does not only support the simple coordination of national programmes but rather participates actively in an integration process of national research programmes

AR4 - Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC 

APM - Annual Progress Meeting


CCIVA - Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

CC-TAME - Climate Change Terrestrial Adaptation & Mitigation in Europe: CC-TAME project concentrates on assessing the impacts of agricultural, climate, energy, forestry and other associated land-use policies considering the resulting feed-backs on the climate system in the European Union

CEES - Central and Eastern European States

CERN - European Organization of Nuclear Research

CIRCE project - Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment

CIRCLE CA - Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe (coordination action)

CIRCLE SSA - Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe (scientific support action)

CIRCLE-2 CSA CA - Second generation ERA-Net on Climate Impact Research and Response Coordination for a Larger Europe (Coordination and Support Action, Coordination Action)

CIRCLE-MED call - First CIRCLE CA call in the Mediterranean with 5 CIRCLE CA partners on the topic "Integrated Coastal Zones and Water Management"

CIRCLE-NOR call - Second CIRCLE CA call in the Nordic countries with 3 CIRCLE CA partners on the theme "Consequences of climate change for policy making in important sectors in the Nordic countries"

CIRCLE-MOUNT call - Third CIRCLE CA and first CIRCLE-2 call with 7 CIRCLE-2 partners on the theme "Climate change impacts (natural and anthropogenic factors) and response options in mountainous areas"

ClimateWater - Bridging the gap between adaptation strategies of Climate Change impacts and European water policies: The overall objective of the ClimateWater project is to study European and international adaptation measures and strategies related to climate change impacts and how these are taken into account in water policies

Consortium Agreement - To govern the following: (a) The internal organisation of the consortium; (b) The distribution of the Community financial contribution; (c) Additional rules on dissemination and use including intellectual property rights arrangements, as appropriate; (d) The settlement of internal disputes

Contractor - Representative of the organisation participating as a Partner in CIRCLE-2

COPUOS - United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology is one of the longest-running European instruments supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe

CYTED - Latin-American Science and Technology Development Programme


DoW - Description of Work


EB - Executive Board

EC - European Commission

EC White paper - Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action

ECCP II - European Climate Change Programme

EEA - European Environment Agency

End users - The intent recipient and user of information, research results or know-how (e.g. policy makers, policy developers, research programmers, NGOs)

ERA - European Research Area

European Research Area Vision 2020 - By 2020, all actors fully benefit from the "Fifth Freedom" across the ERA: free circulation of researchers, knowledge and technology. The ERA provides attractive conditions and effective and efficient governance for doing research and investing in R&D intensive sectors in Europe

ERA-Net - European Research Area-Network

EU - European Union

European Clearing House on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation - A considerable amount of information and research currently exists; it is not shared across Member States. Coordination between data centres, information systems and networks needs to be improved, thereby enabling greater access to data and thus to developing long term comprehensive and Europe-wide high resolution datasets and models. An effective way to improve knowledge management is a web based platform and database

Extranet - Network that uses Internet protocols, network connectivity, and the public telecommunication system to securely share part of project information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners or other businesses


FP - EU Framework Programme


Green Paper on Adaptation to Climate Change - The Green Paper on climate change is the Commission's first comprehensive policy initiative that aims to adapt the European strategies to the changes caused by climate change. It is built upon the work and findings of the European Climate Change Programme and urges Europe to take adaptation measures to decrease the impacts of current and future warming


IASG - Impact and Adaptation Steering Group - The Steering Group will play a role in developing the four pillars identified above to help develop the EU strategy and prepare national adaptation strategies by the Member States. The Steering Group will also consider the appropriate level at which action should be best implemented

INTERREG - Is a European Community initiative which aims to stimulate interregional cooperation in the European Union. It started in 1989, and is financed under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The current programme is Interreg IV, covering the period 2007-2013

Intranet - Network that uses Internet technologies to securely share any part of project information or operational systems with its partners and Contributing partners

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


JCS - Joint Call Secretariat


KomPass - German's Competence Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation


MS - Member States of the European Union

Multinational subscription-based network - A flexible network of programme owners and managers, who want to take part in joint activities and where participation is subjected to the payment of an annual fee


NAS - National Adaptation Strategies


RTD - Research, Technological Development


SPI - Science-Policy Interface: SPI initiative aims to support the implementation of national adaptation strategies on CCIVA and action plans by linking the scientific research outputs with relevant end-users (e.g. policy makers, policy developers, research programmers, NGOs). It has to act as a "translator" to provide the policy makers with usable research results


TL - Task Leader

TM - Task Member


UKCIP - United Kingdom Climate Impacts Programme

UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

UN Nairobi Work Programme - 5 year programme (2005-2010) implemented by Parties, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, the private sector, communities and other stakeholders. Its Objective is to assist in particular developing countries to: improve their understanding and assessment of impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change; make informed decisions on practical adaptation actions and measures to respond to climate change on a sound scientific, technical and socio-economic basis, taking into account current and future climate change and variability


Variable geometry approach - The idea behind this is that not every EU country needs to take part in every joint initiative (e.g. related to CCIVA research), but some can cooperate more closely


WISE - Water Information System for Europe

WMO - World Meteorological Organization 

WP - Work package 

WP Leader - Work package Leader

WG II - Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability