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a) Optimize European joint CCIVA research funding mechanisms through the reinforcement of cooperation and coordination between European research programmes. Understand countries' climate adaptation needs and how to best translate their scientific and policy relevance into research knowledge.

b) Support and further strengthen a group and variable geometry approach (typically through sub-networks) and establish adaptation-driven working groups focused around geo-climatic, topical, sectoral or socio-economic categories of interest.

c) Programme and fund CIRCLE-2's transnational joint calls for policy-relevant research proposals using common management tools and mechanisms. Reflect CIRCLE-2's research agenda and fund the production of climate adaptation knowledge along identified gaps and needs.

Description of work

Work package Leaders: MEDDE and MINECO

Duration: 47 months

Starting date: June 2010

FUND will draw on lessons learnt from former networking activities under CIRCLE and will further improve the network's operational capability to design, fund and share good practices on CCIVA research management.

This Work package will assess the feasibility of setting up new sub-networks of interest according to the identified needs of Partners and Contributing Partners and in line with CIRCLE-2's common strategic research agenda.

Transnational joint calls for CCIVA research projects will be implemented and managed. Sectoral or geographic oriented approaches will be complemented with transdisciplinary topics or with identified socio-economic categories of interest that reflect the climate adaptation-driven focus of the project.


Work package FUND is divided in 3 Tasks:

Task 3.1: Optimizing European CCIVA research funding through transnational joint cooperation

Task Leaders: MEDDE and SEPA


The outcomes of CIRCLE-2 funded joint calls will work in two directions: (a) research management and (b) policy and scientific excellence.

Task 3.1 will analyse previous results of CIRCLE and respective funded projects and will assess joint call mechanisms as well as their relevance to transnational research management. This task will produce an assessment report on identified barriers to transnational joint call development and good practice options on how to overcome them.

Also funded project's outcomes and their relevance for CCIVA science and policy will be analysed. Understanding how the results reflect the research needs of the funding organisations and countries will allow CIRCLE-2 to optimize the policy-relevance of its results and provide a quality check for its common CCIVA research agenda.

Task 3.2: Group and variable geometry approach to CIRCLE-2 joint research coordination initiatives

Task Leader: MEDDE


Task 3.2 will support and develop established CIRCLE-2 sub-networks and assess the feasibility of setting up and supporting new groups of shared research interests.

Particular emphasis will be given to groups that can actively contribute to Europe's ongoing discussion on Climate Change Adaptation options and strategies (e.g. EC White Paper on Adapting to Climate Change).

The main aim of this Task is to set in place several CIRCLE-2 transnational research initiatives, including joint calls for research proposals, within and across the supported groups. These initiatives should be able to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge basis on CCIVA in the larger European context and are expected to foster the development of reliable sub-networks that can last beyond the term of the ERA-Net.

Task 3.3: CIRCLE-2 transnational joint CCIVA research funding platform and call secretariat

Task Leader: MINECO

Task Members: FFCUL; EAA; MEDDE; ETAg and EVFH

Task 3.3 aims to implement sustainable structures that reflect the deepening of cooperation between European CCIVA research programmes. With the goal of implementing transnational joint calls for CCIVA research, task 3.3 will set up a joint call secretariat with the operational responsibility of implementing and managing all CIRCLE-2 transnational joint calls.

This task will make use of CIRCLE-2's proven management mechanisms and new tools to fund research topics and areas agreed by the consortium. The call secretariat will support Partners and Contributing Partners in announcing the call at the national level, elaborate and update a CIRCLE-2 call information package and collect all incoming proposals.

After going through CIRCLE-2's scientific evaluation process and upon a final decision on the call results, the call secretariat will continuously support funded projects, monitor their progress and give feedback to project co-ordinators as well as to their funding institutions (project monitoring and compliance).