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André Jol


Role in CIRCLE-2: Advisory Board Member

Institution: European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark


André Jol is head of group on vulnerability and adaptation in the European Environment Agency (since January 2009). He was head of group on climate change and energy (2006-2008), head of group on air quality and climate change (2004-2005) and EEA project manager on air emission and greenhouse gas inventories (1996-2003).

Before joining EEA he gained more than 10 years experience in consultancy work on air emissions and air quality monitoring and assessment for governments and industry (Netherlands, and international). Mr. Jol holds a Master of Science in chemical engineering and water quality; Netherlands from the University of Twente since 1984.

Main current EEA projects and responsibilities include the following:

  • analysis of past trends in disasters (e.g. floods, droughts, storms) and their environmental effects;
  • regular reports on indicators of Europe's changing climate (including extreme events) and effects on freshwater, marine and terrestrial biodiversity, economic activities and human health;
  • use of current and future GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) services for indicators;
  • assessments of vulnerability to current and future climate change and natural disasters;
  • development of vulnerability mapping methods and indicators;
  • analysis of national adaptation strategies strengths and weaknesses;
  • development of a possible future EU Clearinghouse on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation;
  • report on the impacts of climate change on water resources and adaptation actions in the Alps.

Main past EEA projects and responsibilities include the following:

  • the annual assessment of progress to the Kyoto Protocol targets, including analysing the effectiveness of existing and planned policies and measures;
  • annual EU greenhouse gas inventory under the Kyoto Protocol;
  • annual EU air pollutant emission inventory;
  • the European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER);
  • analysis of national programmes to improve air quality;
  • annual report on ozone;
  • assessment of local air pollution;
  • climate change, air quality and low-carbon energy scenarios.

André Jol is responsible for the development and quality control of related work of the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change and contractors, funded by EEA. Furthermore he is responsible for liaising on the above mentioned topics with key EEA clients including the European Commission (DG Environment), the European Parliament, EEA member countries and cooperation with JRC, Eurostat and relevant international organisations (UNFCCC, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change; ISDR, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; ECMWF, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts; ESA, European Space Agency; OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).