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Galician Innovation Agency - Galician Ministry of Economy and Industry - Galician Government, Spain (Galicia)

XUNTA New Logo 

Acronym: XUNTA

Country: Spain (Galicia)

Role in CIRCLE-2: Contributing Partner



Within the Galician Ministry of Economy and Industry, Galician Innovation Agency is designated as the body responsible for the structuring, planning, coordination, implementation and follow-up of actions related to the promotion of research under the powers of the government of Galicia. It is thus responsible for the drafting, management, coordination and control of the Galician Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan 2006 - 2010 (with a budget of 800 Million EURO). It has also powers attributed for the promotion of sector based research, in order to coordinate, integrate and mainstream such actions.

The Galician Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan (2006-2010) include priorities for Sector Based Programmes and Critical Technologies programme related to Climate Impact and other research areas. These  programmes support R&D and Innovation in Universities, Research Centres, Technology centres and firms and main attention is given to co-operation among agents in order to support to innovation in firms. For the field of Climate Change, the Plan includes a programme "Environment ans Sustainable development" and over 2.5 Million EURO per annual competitive call is invested in this programme. The Institution has actively participated in different ERA-NETS (e.g. AMPERA, CIRCLE CA). The Institution's expertise in matters such as international cooperation and arranging joint calls has been appreciated in ERA-NET networks.

Key Personnel

photo Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN)
Axencia Galega de Innovación